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Running a Successful Business Since 2022

Y & H Mep Contracting L.L.C. was established in year 2022 as an MEP Sub-contracting firm.

Since then our primary focus has been upon serving multinational service providers and property development firms and individuals, with various services related to MEP construction. Through our extensive task history of constructing ventures we have developed a customer service business philosophy. Proactive and timely customer service is the backbone of our company from the owner to all employees (office staff, project managers and field personnel) our aim is to please our customers/clients

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Electricals Works

Our Electrical Division handles all aspects of Electrical Works and the services consist of Mains Installation

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Mechanical Works

We have our HVAC Division highly equipped to handle all aspects under the Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industry.

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Plumbing Works

The services consists of complete Supply & Installation of PVC UPVC, PPR, HDPE, Steel, GI and Copper Pipe works

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Firefighting Works

We cover entire Fire Fighting System including Fire Fighting Pump, Piping and Sprinkler Systems.

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Facilities management

Maintenance works, Decoration work, Property Management, Soft Services, General Contracting...

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We are experienced in providing quality services and products

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We use the best ideologies and latest technology

Y&H MEP Contracting we define project management as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of our esteemed projects.

  • 01 Project Initiation
  • 02 Project Planning
  • 03 Project Execution
  • 04 Project Monitoring and Control
  • 05 Quality Control
  • 06 Health & Safety
  • 07 Follow up/checking after work completion



Y & H MEP Contracting Company L.L.C. efforts to:

protect the health and safety of Y & H MEP Contracting Company L.L.C. staff, and employees.

  • Provide safe workplaces and administrative – for staff and employees.
  • Provide information to staff, and employees about health and safety hazards.
  • Identify and correct health and safety hazards and encourage staff and employees to report hazards.
  • Eliminate all Environmental impacts aspects.
  • Provide information and safeguards for those on site and in the surrounding community regarding environmental hazards arising from operations of Y & H MEP Contracting Company L.L.C. which describes specific requirements for program responsibility, compliance, communication, hazard assessment, Accident / exposure investigations, hazard correction, training, and Record keeping.


  • Health, Safety & environment Codes of Practice for Construction Projects from the Division of Emirate of Abu Dhabi Municipalities & Agricultural Department.
  • Our customized copy of this HSE policy outline.
  • UAE – Labour Law
  • The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 also referred to as HASAW or HSW, is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety.


Y & H MEP Contracting Company L.L.C. acknowledges that the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for employees, sub-contractors, general public and visitors is not just a moral and legal responsibility but also a prerequisite for it to achieve its primary mission of conducting working and performance at the highest international standards.


Y & H MEP contracting Company LLC, will ensure compliance with the Health, Safety & environment Regulations, other legislation and industry standards by :

  • Providing and maintaining safe workplaces, plant and systems of work
  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure safe systems of work
  • Ensuring that nominated safety personnel are adequately trained and supported
  • Consulting and cooperating with safety and health representatives, employees and others
  • Providing and maintaining personal protective equipment as required
  • Providing adequate and appropriate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work.
  • Continuously reviewing and improving its safety performance.


It is our intention here at Y & H MEP contracting Company LLC, that each individual from top management to the working person is responsible for the Health, Safety and environment of those persons in their charge and co-workers around them. By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well-being of our employees the following:

  • The provision and maintenance of a safe workplace and systems of work.
  • Involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of Health, Safety and environment policies.
  • Ensuring that control measures and emergency procedures are: in place; effective; properly used; monitored and maintained.
  • Training and supervising employees in the safe performance of assigned tasks
  • The provision of resources to meet the Health, Safety & environment commitment.

Signing this HSE Policy Statement is done in recognition of my complete support and commitment to promote and ensure success of this policy.

Responsibilities for safety and health include the establishment and maintenance of an effective communication system among workers, supervisors and management officials. To this end, all personnel are responsible to assure that their messages are received and understood by the intended receiver. Specific safety and health responsibilities for company personnel are as follows:

Management Officials

Active participation in and support of safety and health programs is essential. Management officials will display their interest in safety and health matters at every opportunity. At least one manager (as designated) will participate in the safety and health committee meetings, incident investigations and inspections. Each manager will establish realistic goals for implementing instructions for meeting the goals. Goals and implementing instructions shall be within the framework established by this document. Incentives will be included as part of the instructions.


The safety and health of the employees they supervise is a primary responsibility of the supervisors. To accomplish this obligation, supervisors will:

  • Assure that all safety and health rules, regulations, policies and procedures are understood and observed.
  • Require the proper care and use of all required personal protective equipment.
  • Identify and eliminate job hazards quickly through job safety analysis procedures. (See the sample Job Safety Analysis form attached to this document.)
  • Inform and train employees on the hazardous chemicals and/or procedures they MAY encounter under normal working conditions or during an emergency situation.
  • Receive and take initial action on employee suggestions, awards or disciplinary measures.
  • Conduct crew/leader meetings the first five minutes of each work shift to discuss safety and health matters and work plans for the workday.
  • Conduct walk-around safety inspections at the beginning of each job, and at least weekly thereafter.
  • Train employees (new and experienced) in the safe and efficient methods of accomplishing each job or task as necessary.
  • Review injury trends and establish prevention measures.
  • Attend safety meetings and actively participate in the proceedings.
  • Participate in incident investigations and inspections.
  • Promote employee participation in the safety and health program.
  • Actively follow the progress of injured workers and display an interest in their rapid recovery and return to work.


Observe the items of responsibility established in this document as well as job safety rules which may apply to specific task assignments.

“Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.”

In order to achieve successful position in the United Arab Emirates business market and to obtain a better place in the future, Y & H MEP Contracting Company L.L.C. Makes every positive contribution to ensure that all the services undertaken within the organization are:

  • Achieve full customer satisfaction with outstanding quality of services/products.
  • Comply with the requirements of international standards of management systems (such as ISO 9001:2008) and other related standards and improve the effectiveness of quality management systems.
  • Develop a team-based-approach to manage all our business by continually enhancing employee’s competency.
  • Commit to maintain & continually improve the quality of its products and services, as well to continually improve the applied Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Continuously review and update the quality policy and communicate it to all employees and other interested parties.